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Eurail Pass: The best way to get around EuropeEuropass
London to Paris under the Channel in 3 hoursEuro rail
Premier TrainsEuro rail pass
Eurail Selectpass as low as $241Rail Europe                                                   Click here to start


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to buy your Euro rail europass or Eurail Selectpass at the best price

Above are the most popular links to Rail Europe,
the Europass and Eurail Selectpass website.
Click on one of them (or Click here to start Euro rail pass )
Many of them go to the same place
... the Rail Europe homepage.
To the right is what the homepage looks like. Buy Euro Rail Europass

Rail Europe has the Europass that will take you nearly anywhere in Europe. They ticket for Eurostar, the premier train line that runs through the Chunnel between England and France, as well as all the Euro Rail TGV and Thalys trains throughout Europe. Europass from Euro Rail is the way to go in Europe.

But if you have not bought from Rail Europe before, you will have two questions. First, are they reliable. The answer is that they are so huge they OWN most of the trains in Europe. Second question is, how to use their site for your best Euro rail pass price.
Keep on reading for that answer.


Eurail Pass: The best way to get around EuropeEuropass Eurorail europass

People ask the difference between Euro rail, Eurorail and Eurail. Actually, they are three names for the same exact thing, the Rail Europe system of trains. Americans tend to call the rail passes Eurorail Europass or Euro Rail europass, and Europeans call them Eurail pass. But all three are terms for the same Rail Europe train tickets.

As you can see, there is a link to Europass choices on the right side of the Rail Europe home page. Start by clicking on the View All Of Our Rail Passes link, the third one down. (you have to go to the Rail Europe site first, so open another window using this link... Click here to start Rail Europe europass link ). Eurailpass lets you travel almost anywhere in Europe... 17 countries, to be exact. However, the Eurail pass is generally the MOST EXPENSIVE europass you can buy.

Euro rail europass and Eurorail europass for the UK and Canada

So your best move is to look down the list and see if there is a Eurorail europass that more exactly fits your travel plans. For example, the
Eurail Selectpass gives you the choice a europass for 3 to 5 bordering countries of the 17 countries in Europe. This saves you money over the Eurail pass. Eurail Selectpass as low as $241Eurorail pass

Or if you are going to France only, look at the eurorail France Railpass.
France Railpass: Don't travel in France without it!France Euro rail europass

If going to England only, click on British Products for the right europass.
British Rail Products: BritRail, Freedom of Scotland & moreBritrail pass

Britrail Party Pass

And for Switzerland Europass, buy the eurorail Swiss Pass.
Swiss Pass: take the most spectacular rail trips in the WorldEurorail Swiss Pass

Single Country Pass. Single Country PassesEuro rail link

And if you are traveling to more than one European country, look at both the Multiple Country Eurailpass and Rail Packages to see which has the best Eurailpass dealfor your travel itinerary.
Multiple Country PassesMultiple Europass
Eurailpass: flexible travel throughout 17 countriesSeventeen country Euro rail pass

The Rail N'Drive package lets you combine a europass Railpass with a car rental from
Rail Europe. If you plan on both taking the train and getting a rental car, I would strongly advise you to take a look at this excellent europass.
eurail selectpass driveRail and Drive Europass

Eurorail specials


You can get special prices from Rail Europe on Europass and Eurail Selectpass. Look here to compare prices with the standard Eurail Pass.
Click here for Rail EuropeStandard Eurail pass

Euorpass tickets for euro rail


These changes from time to time, so look at the right column of the Rail Europe homepage to see what special Europass they're offering today (it could be any of these eurorail passes and offers)
Click here for Rail EuropeEurorail europass promotions

If you want to visit an excellent website that shows what it's like traveling in Europe, including the Euro Rail europass trains, click here for
and go to our Europe travel website.

Another fascinating website, a favorite, is Travel Guides Europe

Euro Rail Europass World Links Pages

And here are the links to our very interesting Euro Rail WORLD LINKS PAGES
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Euro Rail Europass USA Travellinks

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